In furniture manufacturing

Jan 08, 2024

In furniture manufacturing, EPE can be used in different applications to provide padding, protection and insulation. The following are some common application scenarios of pearl cotton in furniture manufacturing:


Seat padding:


Application scenarios: Seat cushion filling for seats and sofas.

Quality requirements: Provide a comfortable sitting feeling, maintain the shape and elasticity of the filling, while providing adequate support.

Back padding:


Application scenario: Back cushion padding for backrest chairs or sofas.

Quality requirements: Provide good support, ensure the back cushion maintains its shape and provide a comfortable backrest experience.

Mattress filling:


Application scenario: Filling materials inside mattresses.

Quality requirements: Provide sufficient support, comfort and durability to ensure that the mattress retains its structure over time.

Furniture packaging:


Application scenario: Used for packaging and protection when transporting and delivering furniture.

Quality requirements: Provide effective cushioning and shock-resistant performance to ensure that the furniture is not damaged during transportation.

Custom filler pieces:


Application scenario: In high-end furniture or customized furniture, used to fill customized parts.

Quality Requirements: Provide padding of specific shapes and densities as required by the furniture design.

Drawer and cabinet interior padding:


Application scenarios: Inside drawers and cabinets, used to fill and protect stored items.

Quality requirements: Provide lightweight, soft padding to prevent storage items from being collided and damaged during movement.

Chair and table leg protection:


Application scenarios: On the legs of chairs and tables, used to prevent floor scratches and provide additional shock absorption.

Quality requirements: Provide wear-resistant and shock-resistant properties to ensure the protection of floors and furniture legs.

Home Decor Filling:


Application scenario: Filling in home decorations, such as cushions, pillows, etc.

Quality Requirements: Provide a soft feel while maintaining the shape of the filling so that the decoration looks beautiful.

In these application scenarios, pearl cotton has become a commonly used filling material in furniture manufacturing due to its light weight, softness and easy customization, providing comfort and protection to the furniture.

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