What are the maintenance methods for the EPE foaming machine?

Aug 10, 2019

EPE foaming machine equipment is widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cases, hardware lighting and other places. But it also needs to be maintained regularly. Let me tell you how to maintain the EPE foaming machine?


During the maintenance process of the EPE foaming machine, the machine should be simply cleaned to check whether the power cord is exposed or leaking. Whether the reducer, motor, hydraulic station and other parts that need to be filled with gear oil are short of oil. The oil-deficient parts should be filled with relevant oil immediately.

Then it is recommended that you drain the water in the screw water bag. At the lower hopper position of the screw, there is circulating water in the water bag interlayer to ensure constant temperature during the production process. Most of the water bags on the screw are made of cast iron, because the temperature in the north is below 0 degrees most of the time.

If the water at the water bag is not drained, freezing and cracking of the water bag will delay production due to cold weather in some areas. If the water bag of the EPE foaming machine has frozen or leaked during maintenance, please use the shutdown time to drain the accumulated water and use electric welding to weld the gap.

When using tools that are prone to sparks, such as welding, make sure there are no flammable materials such as pearl cotton around to avoid fire damage.


The EPE foaming machine also requires everyone to pay attention to the operator's responsibility to manage, use and maintain the EPE Foam machinery and equipment in this position. The EPE foaming machine must strictly abide by the operating procedures, be familiar with the operating procedures (including maintenance preparations before starting, adjustments and switching during operation, parking and accident handling, etc.), and carefully control various parameters.

Operation of EPE foaming machine. Over-temperature, over-pressure, and overload operation. It is recommended that everyone also carefully check the EPE Foam machinery and equipment. Operators should determine the inspection route according to the process flow, strictly implement the inspection system, and use listening, seeing, touching, comparing, smelling and other means to check the operation of EPE machinery and equipment. Detect abnormal situations in time, find out the reasons, and deal with them in time.


When a dangerous situation occurs, emergency treatment should be taken, relevant personnel should be notified promptly, and inspection records should be kept. During operation, attention should be paid to the lubrication of the pearl cotton machine, and the lubrication of the equipment should be checked reasonably. Security personnel are directly responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Security personnel should go to work frequently for inspections, take the initiative to learn about the operation of the pearl cotton machine from the operators, and deal with problems in a timely manner if problems are found. Keep detailed records.




In the above article, we have told our friends about the maintenance methods of the pearl cotton foaming machine. If you don’t understand it yet, then hurry up and take a look. That’s all there is to know about this aspect, I hope it can help you. Welcome to establish long-term cooperative relationships with friends from all over the country.

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